International Peace Education of EEMNS
’05〜 International Children's Painting Exchange Program
between Russia and Japan
 Report on progress of the Program.
On March 13th, 2007, we EEMNS sent 2,630 Japanese children’s paintings to Russia by means of generous supporting of AEROFLOT RUSSIA AIRLINES.
We achieved the first EEMNS International Children’s Painting Exchange Program between Japan and Russia by exchanging 5,260 children’s paintings.
We believe that children living in both Japan and Russia transmitted hopes for the true and pure international peace to the world through this EEMNS International Peace Education Program.
We also believe that the network of people who hope for peace is expanding everywhere all over the world through this program.
This is a picture of us packing Japanese and Russian children’s paintings.
  We sent paintings to Russia on March 2nd, 2007!
  Thanks for all of you who helped us!
  《Loading Those paintings are going to travel all the way to Moscow!↓》
★ We deeply appreciated your help and cooperation to carry out this program.
  ○ Russia
      ・The Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation (Embassy of the Russian Federation)
      ・The cultural department of the Russian centre of the international scientific and cultural cooperation under the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation
      ・The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation
      ・The Russian Peace Foundation

  ○ Organizations and universities which helped us by translation, collecting Russian children’s paintings and subsidizing for this program.
      ・Universities and organizations which
       The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation
       Far Eastern State University
      ・The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation
       Far Eastern State University Hakodate Branch
       Filial Dal'nyevostochinovo gosudarstvennovo universiteta v g. Hakodate
      ・Japanese Trade Union Confederation
  ○ Company which helped us by transporting children’s paintings
  ○ Volunteers who helped us by various ways, such as contacting with Russia, translation, data processing, and packing.
★ Enjoy a part of great paintings from Japan and Russia!
  (Copyright is belong to EEMNS)
 【Russian children’s paintings】
 【Japanese children’s paintings】
★ These are pictures of exhibition at the schools which participated in this program.
 《 Sapporo Toko Elementary School ↓ 》
 《 Edogawa-ward Minamikasai Daisan Elementary School ↓ 》
 《 Exhibition at Hakodate Shimin Kaikan, held by Hokkaido Kokusairikai Kyouiku Kenkyu Kyougikai Hakodate branch 》
Thank you for paying attention to EEMNS and this program.
Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.
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