International Peace Education of EEMNS
 International Children's Painting Exchange Program 1999-
between Japan and Britain


So far we completed the Painting Exchange Program with Spain and Cuba. We are confident that children have developed sound mind to love peace through their participation to the Program while they have learnt a social and cultural background of their counterpart each other. And now, our latest Program, " International Peace Education of EEMNS - International Children's Painting Exchange Program 1999- between Japan and Britain", is in operation. However, we found it very difficult and embarrassing for the Program to be recognized in British educational Organizations, although its significance and achievement was highly appreciated.



 We suppose, this may be caused because they feel reluctant to do anything which is not provided in their curriculum, as British education systems are very tight. However, it must be desirable that children could be given a chance to practice readily for peace education. Though the picture exchange children are able to develop their curiosity and to learn significance of peace, experience of going out into the world and necessity of their own activity, as well as different cultures of various countries. ( Click here to see letters from the school participation the Program.)


 We wish every British concerned ( teachers, educational organizations and their staffs, individuals, etc.) to realize that voluntary action and positive participation independent of existing systems and guidelines would lead to international peace education like this Program.

We were entrusted with more than 10,300 pieces of pictures from Japanese students through their schools for the exchange this time. 7,265 of them have already been exchanged with British pictures, and remaining 3,100 pictures are ready to be shipped. We hope British children could experience this "practice for peace education" as many as possible.
We are expecting your understanding and cooperation, thank you. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation in our program !!

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JFET-Japan Festival Education Trust (in U.K)
British Airways (in Japan)
Nippon Express Co.,Ltd.(in Japan)

Powys Education Department
Barth & North East Somerset Council
Denbighshire County Counsil
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Warrington Borough Council

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