International Peace Education of EEMNS
'99- International Children's Paintings Exchange Program
Between Japan and Britain

リストマーク MAY 2001

We, EEMNS, asked NEC Corporation (NEC) which has affiliated companies  in the United Kingdom for its cooperation to our program so that our program could become recognized in U.K. and that more children could participate in the program. With cooperation of Mr. Ohta of NEC's Social Contributions Department, of which mission is to support various social activities, we have asked NEC's branches in U.K. for their cooperation to the program.

リストマーク JUNE 2001

Telecom MODUS Ltd in Leatherhead at the south of London responded to the appeal of EEMNS and NEC. Ms. Sara Hill of Telecom MODUS held a meeting with two schools in Leatherhead, and she organized various preparations in the process of these schools' participation to the program.

リストマーク OCTOBER 2001

We received 107 pieces of wonderful paintings from the schools which responded to invitation of Telecom MODUS, namely;
The Vale Primary School
St. Mary Infant School

リストマーク JANUARY 2002

On January 14, 2002, a ceremony for the picture exchange was held in The Vale Primary School as Ms. Hill of Telecom MODUS proposed. In the ceremony, Ms. Seki who teaches Japanese for Telecom MODUS answered school children's questions about Japan and explained pictures of Japanese children. We heard that those U.K. children became interested in Japanese children's life very much. We also heard that the principal of The Vale Primary School said, "It is a very interesting event for children and teachers to understand Japan, and we hope to learn more about Japan taking advantage of this opportunity."

In the ceremony hall

Ms. Seki (left), The Principal (right) and children

Ms. Seki explaining children's pictures