In 1998, EEMNS performed the Painting Exchange Program between Japan and Cuba, and 10,600 pieces of pictures were exchanged. From August 5 to 9 ,1998, an exhibition was held at the Sapporo Citizens Gallery as a public opening ceremony , in which about 3,000 pictures of both Cuban and Japanese students were exhibited. The ceremony was brightly cerebrated with a performance of brass bands of Sapporo City Atsubetsu-kita Primary School and Sapporo City Minami-Tsukisamu Primary School, with a large attendance including a Councilor of Cuban Embassy in Japan and persons concerned with education. During the exhibition period, more than 1,100 visitors appreciated the pictures of both countries. In connection with the exhibition, we were supported by many goodwill and consequently were able to donate a lot of money and commodities for children in Cuba who are in difficulties. We thank all who offered their kindness. As a result of the exchange, the practical education for international peace became popular among students, parents, teachers, educational organizations, municipalities and other members of a society in both Cuba and Japan, just like in Spain We have received many letters of thanks expressing their positive impression to the significance of the Program. We are grateful particularly to the Cuban government ( the Cuban embassy in Japan ) for its kind support and cooperation.

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