@In 1997, EEMNS performed the Painting Exchange Program between Japan and Spain, and 9,500 pieces of pictures were exchanged. The exchange greatly impressed people of both countries. In May 1997, an exhibition for the exchanged pictures was held in the Sapporo Citizen's Gallery, and about 1,000 people visited there and enjoyed the pictures of both countries. Further, in October of the same year, an exchange ceremony was held in the Northern Area Center, attended by about 70 including a Councilor for culture of Spanish Embassy in Japan, persons concerned with education, representatives of PTAs, and a chairman of the Japanese Society in Mallorca, Spain. Above all, the Spanish Government ( the Spanish Embassy in Japan ) provided a great support for the Program, with a statement that the government was pleased with and appreciated the fact that the practical program for international peace education started from Spain to the world. We hope that the friendship between students of Spain and Japan is regarded as a good example for the world.

The exhibition at Sapporo Citizen's Gallery

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The message from Government of Spain
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