International Peace-Education Foundation
Establishment Arrangement Committee





             ↑A picture drawned by Cuban child     

  Our organization is keenly aware of the tragedies of ideologies and power policies such as international, ethnical and religious conflicts occurring in various countries and areas all over the world.
It is only natural that such ever-lasting problems everywhere on the earth are too difficult to solve even for specialists in advanced countries or international organizations such as UN, since the interests among different countries and nations are so complicated.
Now, deeply concerned about the above problems, we wish to play a hopeful role of " little star of peace" in the dark sky of conflicts currently found in many places over the world, under the name of "(preparative committee of ) EEMNS Foundation for International Peace Education", even though our presence may be quite small, without the help of power politics based on the military power, in belief of the following principles:

 To the above effect, we are going to develop this movement of "Educational Emotion "from Japan to all over the world, to the best of our ability, taking all opportunities of international peace education, with our slogan "Heart-warming humanitarianism and Peace loving mind".
The purpose of the activities is to cultivate peace-loving humanitarianism in the heart of children in peacetime in hopes of overcoming the barriers of nationality, race, culture, language, etc.

 Children participated to the program think about the children live in the other country and excercise their imagination about unknown people and country. They send an enormous amount of message, which can never be expressed by words, through their paintings. These paintings are handed to children, finally exchanged one by one, and they keep the handed painting over their lifetime. They will conserve their pure peaceful mind all their lives. That is the meaning of this program.

  We like to implement the program in the hope that the ring of peace messages would spread out to the world.

EEMNS International Peace-Education Foundation